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About  H&M Marketing


  H&M Marketing Tanzania was formed in 2018 as the coming together of two seperate marketing companies. By combining skills and staff both agencies are able to offer the same quality of service at a lower price.


Our company directors are Marketing  specialists and are on

hand to discuss your marketing plan with you now.


Dave Henderson

Digital Marketer
Pg Dip Digital Marketing,
Institute of Digital Marketing, London


Lilly Mabiba

Traditional Marketer
BSc Marketing,
University of Utrecht, Netherlands


Our Other Staff

Sam Henderson

Content Writer

Maxwell James

Graphics Wiz



Marketing your website online is anything but a one-size fits all endeavor, but rather a highly customized, consultative process that differs with the unique strengths and needs of your business.  So what makes our company different and why should you hire us?

Industry Expertise

H&M is the only full-service marketing agency focused exclusively on businesses throughout Tanzania.

We have created online marketing programs tfor 15 years within the country and, as a result, we’ve gained specialized knowledge of the online space that can dramatically impact your success.

Cutting Edge Technology

Creating and managing an effective Internet marketing campaign requires smart technology.

Travel eMarketing has created several proprietary applications to assist in monitoring your return-on-investment in your online marketing campaign.

Return On Investment

The goal of any marketing plan is efficiency; to deliver the maximum return on your marketing investment.  Regardless of the size of your business or budget,

Travel eMarketing can assist in increasing your targeted website traffic, maximizing your internet investment, and giving a boost to your overall business – on and off season.

Customer Support

Effective marketing is based upon customer knowledge.  Our Internet marketing plans include exhaustive research providing market insight.

We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes and explore the Internet from various entry points on the Web to determine which sites are best positioned in your local travel markets.

Our Story

Our head office in Dar Es Salaam has a team of specialists combining creative ideas with our vast experience to get your digital campaign right. We have been building websites for the last 15 years in east Africa and are proud to be associated with some of the biggest names in the Tanzania internet boom.

We ran the web design company HostingEastAfrica.com between 2001 and 2010 before specialising in 2010 and forming TravelEMarketing.com working specifically with digital for the travel industry. In 2018 Squelch Marketing – a digital marketing company based in London, UK combined with TravelEmarketing to form HandM. 

 The combination of these two companies allows us to serve clients worldwide from our office in Dar Es Salaam. 

We are still specialist in the travel industry and have worked with a variety of operators, hotels, lodges and agents over the last 15 years.

We work in areas as diverse as graphic design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and digital marketing. We are social media specialists and can ensure you connect with your clients through brand engagement.




It is Travel eMarketing’s ultimate drive to assist our clients in their complete success.  We do not hold this responsibility lightly and take pride in delivering on promises and exceeding your expectations.

Our credo of superior customer service exemplifies this position:


  • Listen before talking and acting.
  • Become an expert in our client’s market and industry.
  • Passionately support our client’s success.
  • Manage client expectations and deliver on promises.
  • Provide a seamless solution for all our client’s needs.
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
  •  Exceed client expectations.
  • Be ethical and responsible in all situations.
  • No Contracts – We retain our clients through superior service and sensible pricing.  You will never be tied to us with an annual contract; this holds us accountable for measurable results.

Our Skills

  • Brand Strategy 96%
  • Website Design 100%
  • Internet Marketing 95%
  • Digital Marketing Planning 95%
  • Customer Happiness 98%

Our Languages

  • English 100%
  • KiSwahili 100%
  • German 85%
  • French 65%
  • Dutch 98%

We Have A Lot Of Satisfied Customers

“Great work by Dave and his team have got our company out there – always on time and always a great service; we will use the company for a long time.” Hjordis Fammestad

Director, SakilaSunrise.com

“The launch of our product went great – better than we expected; always on hand with suggestions and advice – here is to a great 2018 with H&M.” Fiona Gate

Marketing Manager, BaobabFood.co.uk

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